About Code Chrysalis

Code Chrysalis is a pioneering force in the realm of software engineering training, committed to aiding both individuals and corporations to undergo transformative development. Our business operates on two major fronts:

Our team has successfully secured a funding of $1.4 million from Benesse, Japan's leading education conglomerate, reflecting our credibility and potential in the industry. Our enterprise client base boasts some of the most renowned names in the market, further testifying to our quality of service and expertise.

As a vanguard in the expansive and ever-evolving market of corporate software engineering training in Japan, Code Chrysalis provides an immense opportunity for you to contribute and make a lasting impact. Despite our significant strides in the industry, we are still at a stage where each team member's input can shape our course and influence our growth trajectory.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and play a pivotal role in shaping not just our future, but also that of software engineering training in Japan.

Website: https://www.codechrysalis.io






Website: https://www.codechrysalis.io

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